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Mid Week Philosophy: SALT

December 14, 2011

I decided that I would occasionally write mid-week about food items or cooking ideas that I think are important.  There is no recipe on this post.  Just my own thoughts.

We live in an age now where everything is scrutinized and analyzed on how good it is for you.  One week it’s no eggs, too much cholesterol.  The next week it’s eggs are good for you, good source of protein.   I live by Julia Child’s  philosophy that you should eat EVERYTHING, butter,  eggs,  salt but in moderation.

So this brings me to salt, which I believe in.  It makes baked goods and savory dishes TASTE good, salt brings out the flavor, it brings out  the best in a dish.  What I don’t believe in is processed foods.  They have LOADS of salt and I stay away from them.  I do not serve them to my family.  If I do I always remind myself that I could make this better with just a little bit more time.

This is  salt at it’s best:   I made lamb chops the other night, I wait to get them at the supermarket when they look really nice.  I cook them on the grill, on a disposable pan coated with cooking spray on medium high heat (I guess there is a mini-recipe here, haha!).   This time I decided to salt and pepper them before I put them on the grill.  I do this with chicken pieces all the time, why I didn’t think of it before I don’t know.  Sometimes I think my Mom or Dad (who have passed) talk to me through my cooking, anyway…..  When I served them for dinner,  we ate them ALL.  We don’t ever do this.  Then my son asked me, “Mom, did you put some kind of sauce on the lamb chops?  They were really good!”  And I said, no, just salt and a little pepper.


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