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March 1, 2012

Dear Mom,

I’m not a big “shopping” person, but I will happily take my time at the grocery store. Probably because I love food, but I just love going up and down the ailes and browsing everything. However, this is usually a solo activity because my “roaming” of every aisle violates Ian’s primary shopping rule —  “get in, get what you want, get the @3#$%! out”. I am also very particular about my grocery stores.   I drive a good 10 minutes past our local one to get to my favorite, Star Market in Chestnut Hill. Unfortunately, this also violates an Ian rule of “no unnecessary distances for grocery shopping”.
Surprisingly, a few weeks ago Ian joined me on an adventure to a new supermarket which has opened in Burlington (a good half an hour from us!) called HMart. This place is amazing! They have every asian cooking ingredient you could imagine (which requires heavy aisle “roaming”), a cafeteria where you can sit and eat, and the price is right — $1 for a HUGE bag of baby bok choy, cha ching! The golden egg to our outing was the discovery of thinly sliced rib eye steak marinated for Bulgogi, one of Ian’s favorite dishes!
That night Ian cooked us a lovely dinner of the beef, baby bok choy, with some rice and it was awesome! I can’t wait for another trip to HMart to find some new delicacies, and it looks like I will have a date again next time as it seems this grocery store is an exception in Ian’s Rule Book.
Love Always,
Dearest Sarah,
I must concur, I am not a big fan of shopping except for food!  Remember when we went to Eataly in New York City?  That was incredible.  And Chelsea Market?  Mmmm:  have to do that again.

I remember going to Star Market when we came to visit once.  We just went there to get cut flowers and I remember wanting to look around.  (Dad and Ian were both with us:  haha!)  It looked really nice!  I would like to visit again so when we are up in Boston, please take us to HMart (which sounds amazing!!) and Star too.

I also have a few favorite markets besides my usual Shoprite and Hannafords.  When I am in their area, I make a point to stop by.

One of them is Turco’s in Yorktown Heights.  A bit of a stretch (35 minutes) but I’ve been going frequently lately because of our main bathroom renovation:  Best Plumbing Supply is right down the road from them.  They have an excellent seafood and meat department and their produce always looks fresh and appealing.
Another favorite is Stew Leonards.  I remember going there with my sister when the only store was in Norwalk!  We are talking way back!! haha!!  But the one I go to now is in Danbury.  It’s really unique (I think you have joined me once or twice, yes?).  All the customers  go in a clockwise direction while shopping around the store.  Woeful is the person that tries to go the other way, especially if it’s crowded!  They have an awesome meat department:  I have gone up there just to get a special cut for the Holidays.
But my new favorite, that just opened recently in Wappingers, is Adams Fairacre Farm.  The first time I visited it, your Dad and I had enjoyed a wonderful day going to the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site which is along the Hudson River.  We then had  lunch at one of our favorite spots in Poughkeepsie, Coyote Grill.  Dad mentioned, while we were eating,  that we could stop and see the new Adams.  When we were finished and walking back to the car, I said, Great, we can go to Adams!!  Dad groaned, was sorry he had mentioned it because all he wanted to do was veg on the coach.  We start driving towards home and Dad says, There it is! And of course I said,  Oh, I would have missed it, if you hadn’t told me honey!!  Dad groaned again.  I think he even talked to you on the phone about not wanting to go!!
So I was careful not to roam too much but it was difficult.  It’s a beautiful store.  I went up and down and all around and Dad said to me, What are you looking for!  I said, I’m looking for things I don’t usually see!  Their produce area is bigger, I think, than their Poughkeepsie store and very well stocked.  We bought the best clementines of the season, there.  Of course, I went down the baking aisle.  I found Guittard chips!!  So very excited to make some yummy cookies.  Then the Candy section, where I bought the dark chocolate covered Peeps (peep, peep:   I will send them soon!)  I will definitely be going back.  I’m not sure if Dad will want to join me, though.
Thanks for sharing your shopping experience with me!  Oh, I just remembered another place we went together:  Jacques Torres Chocolate.  That hot chocolate we had was unreal, like drinking a candy bar!
All my love,
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