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Chicken Fried Rice with Vegetables

March 10, 2012

This  recipe started when I made a fried rice recipe (can’t remember which one, I looked at alot that day) and it eventually evolved into this recipe. I wanted a complete meal in one dish.

My husband  likes alot of vegetables and I kept adding more and more until he stopped complaining.  You can use whatever combination of vegetables you want.  These are only suggestions.

I  loooove Sesame Seed Oil.  I could eat the smell.  I have read that you are not supposed to use it to cook with, that it’s only a flavoring.  Oh well, I disagree.

Also, alot of fried rice recipes call for the rice to be cooled before stir frying.  I have eliminated this step.  I’ve done it but I really can’t tell the difference.

I originally had twice the amount of chicken but saw my son’s plate after eating, with a dozen or so  chicken pieces left.  I reduced the amount of chicken.  He also told me he thought the pieces were too big, thus the small size.  Feed back from your family is good:  you want to make sure they eat what you have lovingly prepared!!

Chicken Fried Rice with (alot of) Vegetables

5-6  carrots, peeled

5-6 celery stalks

1 package of Snow Peas

2-3 crowns of broccoli

1 pound of chicken tenders

6 teaspoons of Sesame Seed Oil, divided

2 cups of cooked rice

2 eggs, scrambled

1 cup of Mikee Sesame Teriyaki Sauce

Cut the vegetables into uniform pieces (you should have about 8-10 cups) and set aside in a large bowl.  Cut chicken tenders (make sure to remove the white ligament, see Chicken Tenders), into 1 ” X 1/2 ” pieces.  If you don’t have cooked rice already, start cooking it now.

Put  a very large fry pan or preferably a Wok, (I have a 12 inch  Joyce Chen Wok, which I love) over medium high heat.  Sprinkle in about 2 teaspoons of Sesame Seed Oil.  Add the chicken and stir fry the chicken pieces until done, about 5-10 minutes (The chicken should be sizzling when cooking.  If there is too much juice coming out of the chicken, turn the heat up).  Set aside in a small bowl.

Put another 2 teaspoons of Sesame Seed Oil into Wok and add vegetables.  Toss vegetables with oil until coated.  Put in about 2 tablespoons of water, cover and let steam for 2 minutes.  Uncover.  Put in another 2 tablespoons of water, toss, cover and let steam 2 minutes.  Test vegetables.  They should be crisp tender.  If not, do process one more time.  (3 times does it for me)  Put vegetables back into large bowl and set aside.

By now, if you had to cook rice, it should be done.  Put another 2 teaspoons of  Sesame Seed Oil into Wok, add rice and stir thoroughly, coating rice with oil.  Add eggs and stir constantly until eggs are cooked and rice is coated with the cooked eggs.  Put back the chicken pieces and vegetables.  Stir thoroughly.  Add the Teriyaki Sauce  and stir until heated through and coated with the sauce.  Serve immediately.

Makes great leftovers for lunch or a quick dinner the next evening.

chicken pieces:

vegetable size:

key ingredients:

my ‘mise en place’:

vegetables in wok:

rice coated:

all done:

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