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May 9, 2012

This is an update to a recipe I have already published.

I stumbled upon this by mistake, really.  I measured 1 cup of fresh breadcrumbs instead of 1/2 cup into the bowl with all my other ingredients.  (I was sipping a nice glass of Rose wine while I was measuring, not my usual norm, but hey, it was a tough week!) I was not going to take out the extra breadcrumbs.  So, since I was going the experiment route anyway, I decided to use fresh minced garlic cloves instead of garlic powder and tripled the grated parmesan cheese.

Well, my husband complimented me on the meatballs that night and said they were much softer in texture.


So I waited a couple of weeks and made them again with the  same changes.  And the results ? compliment again!    I could not leave this meatball recipe without updating it.  So please look at it again and try again.  I hope you are as happy with the results as I am.


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