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Scrambled Eggs

May 17, 2012

I’ve been making my son scrambled eggs lately instead of his usual fried.  He told me “They taste just like Mama’s.”  That’s a good thing.

I remember when she showed me how to make them: my daughter and I joined my sisters, my nieces and my Mom for a long weekend in Delaware.  She was making breakfast for everyone and scrambled eggs were on the menu.

“The important part”, she said “is to scramble the eggs and a touch of milk, really well before putting them in the pan.”   She used a whisk and by the time she was done they were light and airy with bubbles on top.  Then she added a pinch of salt and stirred that in.   “Make sure the pan is not too hot, medium low, add a nice pat of butter, add the eggs and stir slowly with a rubber spatula until just done.”  They were delicious.

I was reading one of my food magazines, I can’t remember which one (seriously, I have too many) and either the editor or someone had written in about how they followed Alton Brown’s recipe for scrambled eggs and how much better they were.  He mentioned beating the eggs well before adding them to the pan, the pinch of salt and stirring until just done.

So I looked it up and really the directions are very similar to my Mom’s.  We differ a little about how high the heat should be.  But the main thing is to beat those eggs.  That alone makes a huge difference.

So here it is:

Perfect Scrambled Eggs by Alton Brown

Try them this weekend with your family and see the difference for yourself:  Enjoy!



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