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Shrimp with Matisse

April 17, 2013

Shrimp Dish with Matesse 001

I started reading about Matisse  a year ago in the column of Cooking Light magazine  “Kid in the Kitchen“.  I had always enjoyed reading the recipes that Mastisse (she was 11 at the time) cooked and loved the commentary from her friends, who were around her age as well.  It was inspiring to see someone so young and  so eager to get in the kitchen and try stuff out.  She seemed beyond her years.

I never knew much about her until I got the March issue of Cooking Light and read the Note from the Editor page.  Scott Mowbray visited and cooked with her in her Pittsburgh home and gave some background information about her plight.  She is originally from New Zealand and “came to America with her family to get life-saving treatment for a rare intestinal condition that, for years, had meant she was unable to eat solid food at all.  She became fascinated with cooking despite her disease and something of a cooking-TV junkie.  Then, in December of 2010, she had a life-changing organ transplant and was finally able to eat the food she already knew how to cook.”  You can read more on her blog:  Matisse’s Kitchen.

Fascinating stuff!  The world is full of incredible people!

So I tried the  Shrimp and Shiitake Rice Bowl from the March issue of Cooking Light  ‘Kid in the Kitchen’ and included the commentary  as well.

I agree with Matisse about the Shiitake mushrooms, I used white button mushrooms and the rice, I made from scratch too but used white.  It was a great recipe!  I added probably 2 more ounces of snow peas but followed the rest of the recipe as is.

Enjoy and make sure you read a bit more about Matisse!  Definitely puts life in perspective!

Shrimp Dish with Matesse 002

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