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Spinach and Feta Turkey Burger

August 15, 2016


Another option to a beef burger and simply delicious.  Easy enough to serve during the week and lots of topping variations to make it interesting.

The recipe suggests serving with **Tzatziki sauce which I find yummy but it’s optional (recipe follows).  I also served it with crisp bacon, pickles, ketchup and cheese. You could also top the burgers with lettuce, onions, tomato or…. your choice!

I do not use frozen chopped spinach.  Its easy to make your own from fresh.  I also halved the recipe which you will see in parenthesis.  4 burgers are just right for the 3 of us with 1 more for tomorrow’s snack :).   I also am using a block of feta these days and crumbling it my self rather than getting the pre-crumbled container. But either is very good.

Notice the veggie side?  This is something new from Mann’s,  Power Blend Super Food which includes brussels sprouts, napa cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots and kale and wow is it yummy!  Tossed it with My Mom’s Coleslaw.  Highly recommend.

Spinach and Feta Turkey Burger (from All Recipes)

2 (1) eggs, beaten

2 (1) cloves garlic, minced

4 (2) ounces feta cheese, crumbled

10 (5) ounces fresh spinach

2 (1) pounds of ground turkey

Spray a large non stick fry pan or wok, with canola oil spray and heat pan to medium high.  Add fresh spinach, sauteing and tossing the spinach around until completely wilted. Remove from pan onto a cutting board and allow to cool.  When cool enough to handle, finely chop spinach and then put into a colander or strainer.  Press on the spinach, move it around the colander/strainer and press again doing this several times until most of the liquid is removed.

In a large bowl add  egg, garlic, feta cheese and spinach.  Mix well.  Add turkey and mix again with a large serving fork until completely combined.

Place wax paper on cutting board and spray with canola oil spray.  Divide turkey mixture evenly into 4 balls and place on prepared cutting board (about 6 ounces each burger, a scale helps 🙂 )  Gently press down on each ball to form a burger.  This mixture is very soft so I suggest refrigerating the burgers while you get the rest of the dinner going or while preheating the grill.  It helps a bit.

Heat grill to medium high, ~ 500 degrees.  Lightly oil the grill grate.  Pretty necessary otherwise the burgers will stick.  As I said they are very soft.  You can take a lightly soaked (with olive oil) paper towel and using tongs to hold the paper towel, gently sweep over the grill grate.  Too much oil will cause it to smoke.  I have done all these things:  forgotten to oil the grate, put too much oil on.  But they were still tasty.

Cook turkey burgers for 12 minutes, turning half way through.

Serve on toasted buns (or without, over lettuce or more spinach) with toppings and sides of your choice.

**Tzatziki Sauce (from All Recipes)

I halved the recipe.  Even that makes quite a bit but its great for dipping fresh vegetables.

Use full fat greek yogurt.

I did not use any of the garnishes.

1/2 a lemon juiced is about 1-1/2 tablespoons (half of that would be 2-1/4 teaspoons)

sauteing spinach:




egg, garlic, feta cheese and spinach:



add ground turkey:



forming into burgers:



cooking on the grill:



with cheese and bacon:


with cheese, pickles and ketchup:


with Tzatziki sauce:





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  1. September 16, 2017 2:03 pm

    Looks awesome! I like turkey burgers better than Beef. I have to try these. I like the addition of the feta.

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