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Mid Week Philosophy: WHITE CHOCOLATE

December 21, 2011

I touched a little bit on white chocolate in my Cranberry White Chocolate Biscotti.  But I thought I needed to delve into the subject a little bit more.

I try to put ingredients into my recipes that you can buy locally at your supermarket.  I have a few choices:  ShopRite, Hannaford , Decicco ( a specialty grocer) and sometimes Mrs. Greens (an organic grocer).  I do not like sending away for ingredients, I think the postage alone is ridiculous, anyway…..

I decided to try some true white chocolate (with cocoa butter) that was available locally.  I did a little taste test of my own and here are the results.

My first try was Mrs. Greens where I purchased Sunspire White Chocolate Chips.  A little on the expensive side but I said, Hey, this is for SCIENCE (baking science that is: haha!) I bought 2 bags (I am continually the optimist when it comes to ingredients) and promptly tried them when I got home.  Well, let me just say I hope I can bring the unopened bag back.  It tasted flowery, NOT what I was looking for.

Ok, so my next stop was ShopRite for Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Bar.  This must be good, I keep on tooting my horn about the brand.  But no, again flowery, yuk.  This is discouraging.

So off I went to Hannafords last night and bought Lindt Classic Recipe White Chocolate.  And this morning after my scant breakfast (alot of taste testing these days, have to watch the waistline) I tried a small piece of the bar.  Mmmmmm, delicious, rich taste, good feel on my tongue, yummy.

So, when you hit a recipe that has alot of White Chocolate in it, maybe a special cake or a decadent sauce, I highly recommend the Lindt.   But if you are making cookies, like the Biscotti, I think you can definitely get away with the white baking chips.    The chips are not the main attraction but one of many ingredients.


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  1. Kate permalink
    December 23, 2011 1:32 pm

    ah the scientific method

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