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Correspondence with my Daughter: King Arthur Flour Scones

July 12, 2013
Scone 2
Dear Mom,
One of the things I picked up at our last trip to King Arthur Flour in Vermont was a box of their scone mix. I know you’re a little skeptical because as homemade baking queen it’s almost sacrilege to bake from a box.  However, I do believe these have some redeeming qualities, so hear me out:
1. They have come out consistently perfect and unlike any scone I have had. Most scones you get at your bakery or coffee shop are very….rock like…which I think has scarred the scone reputation. These come out of the oven warm, fluffy, and moist. The next day they are still fluffy and moist which makes me think King Arthur has something right.
2. You can make lots of different flavors without having to store bags and bags of dried jellies or fancy flavorings. I have tried three of their flavors so far, and my favorites are the Peaches & Cream and the Vanilla Raspberry (I wasn’t a huge fan of the lemon-blueberry). And after looking at their site this morning, I am already intrigued by the Strawberry and Cream.
3. Hardly any thought is required, which I believe is key based on the fact that you will be making these first thing Sunday morning, where some morning grogginess or that bottle of wine you had Saturday night is effecting your mental capacity. No surprises is a good thing.
Scone 1
My dearest Sarah,
Because of your excellent persuasive points, it swayed me from my skepticism from baking from a mix and I decided to try a box of the Peaches and Cream Scones this morning.   I am very glad I did.
They are very easy to make and delicious! I love the fact that you add only a few ingredients that you probably have on hand, anyway.  I definitely agree that King Arthur Flour is on to something.  It’s a great introduction to someone who hasn’t baked before and an easy alternative for a fresh and yummy  baked good (ahem, especially if you are groggy first thing in the a.m., for whatever reason: 🙂 ).
King Arthur Flour has quite a few choices in their mixes department and they all look scrumptious!
Let me know how the Strawberry and Cream Scones turn out!
all my love,
scones 004
for Dad with a cappuccino:
Scones 001
Scones 003
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