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King Arthur Flour Hearty Six-Grain Bread Mix

November 19, 2014


I love King Arthur Flour.  I have been to The Baking Education Center three times (all with my daughter 🙂 ) and every time I go there I tell Sarah, “I would work here in a minisecond!”  But alas they are in Norwich, Vermont and I am in Carmel, New York, a 4 hour commute would be a bit much.

Anyway, if you get a chance to take a class or are in the area, please stop by.  They have every conceivable baking/cooking tool you could EVER want in the Baker’s Store plus unique ingredients, their classes are relaxing, fun, a great learning experience and you take home whatever you make (a deal breaker for Sarah and me). They also have a fantastic bakery/cafe with delicious food, from snacks to a full meal.  Ha!, they should hire me, for advertising!

They also have an astounding array of mixes.  I truthfully am not thrilled about mixes because I always think that baking from scratch is much better.  But King Arthur Flour has dissuaded me otherwise.  The mixes I have tried so far (scones and breads) are excellent!  For the newbie, it’s a great introduction to baking and for the advanced, a great way to try something new without the need to purchase extra ingredients that you would have to store (and where is always my question).

The hearty six grain bread is delicious, lots of flavor, great toasted and yummy for sandwiches.  I have made this bread many, many times and it always turns out perfect.  This time, however, when I put it in the bowl to rise, after one hour it did nothing.  I thought, maybe it was cold in my kitchen, so I put it in the oven over a steaming pan of water.  I waited another hour, and again: nothing. I suddenly realized that maybe they had forgotten to put the yeast in with the flour mixture, so I put the dough back into the mixer bowl with a package of yeast that I had, mixed it up and put it back into the rising bowl.  Then after one hour, voilà, perfectly raised bread! Hmmm,  I will have to write to King Arthur and tell them!  Then I started to clean up and for some reason decided to shake the empty box (or so I thought) that the mix came in and heard something rattling around.  Lo and behold, there was the package of yeast.  For some reason, I had forgotten the yeast was separate from the other bread ingredients!  So learn from my mistakes and make sure you take all the ingredients out of the box and double read the directions! And enjoy!



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